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    Patient Safety
    Sutter Surgical Hospital - North Valley

    We are committed to Patient Safety
    At Sutter Surgical Hospital – North Valley we are working hard to improve communication and decrease preventable patient safety events through a variety of general initiatives, including
    the following:

    Measuring, Tracking and Preventing Patient Safety Events
    The first step in preventing patient safety events is to understand the extent of the problem. At Sutter Surgical Hospital, we are identifying hazards, measuring and tracking our rates accurately, and implementing solutions that work to prevent patient safety events.

    Teamwork Training
    Providing safe healthcare depends on highly trained individuals with disparate roles and responsibilities acting together in the best interests of the patient. The need for improved teamwork has led to the application of teamwork training principles, originally developed in aviation, to a variety of healthcare settings.

    Creating Rapid Response Teams
    Failure to recognize when a patient’s condition is deteriorating is a key contributor to patient death in the hospital. The Rapid Response Team includes expertise in critical care medicine and brings that expertise to the patient’s bedside.